Step 1

This is your personal Crypto-Book link. Post it on your Facebook on your "About Me" page under your list of "websites". Make sure it's public or visible to friends. You must post it on your Facebook before your friends can message you through Crypto-Book.

It should look something like this:

Step 2

Save your unique secret code in your Downloads folder.

Get my secret code»

Now get the decrypter app:

Windows: It's an easy one click installer.

Windows app»

Mac/Linux: Save the Mac/Linux decrypter app in your Downloads folder.

Mac/Linux app»

Mac/Linux instructions: When you download a message, it is temporarily saved in your Downloads folder as message.cryptobook.

To decrypt your message, from command line run the following command:

java -jar Decrypter.jar message.cryptobook

Step 3

You're done!

Your friends can now message you through Crypto-Book!

Remember your personal link on your Facebook and your secret code go together. If you make a new personal link, make sure to save the new secret too.

You can only use the decrypt messages you receive (not send). When you send a message it is encrypted and only your friend can read it.