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Send encrypted Facebook messages

Choose either identity based encryption (IBE) (easier to use) or public key crypto or check out the new Crypto-Book Black Box deniable document signer

Note: Crypto-Book is experimental research software currently under development at Yale University. The software and this web site are currently intended for development and demonstration purposes, and should not yet be utilized for security-critical purposes.

NEW: Crypto-Book Black Box »

Check out Crypto-Book Black Box - a service that allows you to deniably sign files to give credible document leaks

Identity Based Encryption »

Send messages straight away, no setup required.

Public Key Crypto »

If you're oldschool. Quick and easy setup.


Crypto-Book was created by John Maheswaran in collaboration with Dr David Wolinsky and Prof Bryan Ford as part of the Dissent project in the computer science department at Yale University.

Full source code is available online for the encrypted Facebook message sender and for Crypto-Book Black Box.

If you have any questions/comments, get in touch!

We presented the poster below at SOSP'13.

Crypto-Book: Privacy Preserving Online Identities (SOSP'13 Poster)

HotNets'13 Paper

We published in HotNets '13 the paper below on Crypto-Book [Download pdf]

Crypto-Book: An Architecture for Privacy Preserving Online Identities

HotNets'13 Slides (22nd Nov '13)

DARPA SAFER PI Meeting Demo (12 Nov '14)

SOSP'13 Work in Progress (WIP) talk (5th Nov '13)

Second Yale All Hands Meeting Talk (24th Oct '13)

Download slides [pdf]

First Yale All Hands Meeting Talk (18th Apr '13)

Download slides [pdf]

Yale Dissent Meeting Talk (Feb/Mar '13)

Download slides [pdf]